The Fitbit returns to make an appearance

Have you seen these?


It’s a Fitbit. I bought mine when I was doing Walk in her shoes. I loved it. I raved about it, told everyone I knew they needed to get one. And then the minute I’d completed the challenge I stopped wearing it. Crazy.

I obviously need  rules and challenges to keep me going. So I’m returning back to the 10K a day expectation.  The Fitbit is fantastic as it records steps, calories and it can also tell when you’re climbing stairs. My girlfriend Leah has told me to download “My fitness Pal” which is happening as I type. I’ll let you know what it’s like after I’ve played with it for a couple of days.

I have never been as sedentary as I have in Doha. With the current heat, going for a walk means going somewhere air-conditioned. There’s no ducking out to do a quick couple of laps around the block, which means having to don the gym clothes and hitting the treadmill.

Or does it?

I was solo parenting yesterday as G was on his way back from London. This meant it was impossible to go to the gym (kids aren’t allowed). So I hit the stairs in our house. Up and down, 50 times in all.

Yesterday’s Log:

Steps Walked: The Fitbit was on the charger so I can’t give you an exact amount, but I reckon 50 times up and down the stairs is better than I can’t go to the gym because I’m solo parenting.

How Much Water: 8 big glasses. I need to invest in one of those monster water bottles. How many litres a day do you think is about right?

Skinny Face Moment: I halved my breakfast and when G came home with the Godiva chocolates from the flight I ate one and saved the other one for later. (I usually inhale them both on sight.) Small steps.

Fat Face Moment: G arrived home with a box that looked like one of those cute little chinese takeaway boxes you see in the states. He was beaming with pride when he handed it over. It was FULL of Lindts chocolate balls they were giving away in the lounge. My husband is my enabler. He loves his food as much as I do, and I can say hand on heart that he really doesn’t give a flying flock of seagulls as to how much I weigh. This is beautiful and gorgeous and exactly why I love him. But it’s not all that good for me.  Anyone else in the same position?

Time spent online: Oh dear. Well, I spent the morning yesterday learning how to set up a WordPress blog (this one). But in the afternoon I put the computer away, right away. I realized that one of my online habits is if the kids don’t need me I’ll automatically jump online. Eg. they were all busy playing and my first thought was to go and grab my laptop. Yesterday I made them play with me, puzzles and pictionary filled our afternoon.

Can I just say how pleased I am that you guys are here with me. I’ve started a little Facebook page so we all talk to each other, it’s over on the right hand side of the page if you want to give it a like.

Have you had any Fat Face Skinny Face moments this weekend? Any tips you’d like to offer?


20 thoughts on “The Fitbit returns to make an appearance

  1. Well done good beginning I start today 1st of the month….will let you all know tomorrow if I manage the fitness DVD!!!

  2. I’ve got a fit ball DVD I love. And also a wii personal trainer fit boxing game. just find one you don’t hate!

  3. Skinny face moment: I had desginated today as a “rest day” as I’d done strength work 3 days in a row and my arms were killing me from pushups, and my abs were sore from core work. But I was slothing on the couch at 3.30pm and realised my legs felt fine, and we are heading out for Turkish food for dinner, so I got up got dressed and ran/plodded for 15 consecutive minutes. FIFTEEN MINUTES! So, so chuffed with myself given walking up one flight of stairs in my house 4 months ago had me puffing. :-))

    Fat Face moment: will be coming soon when we head to Arab Street for dinner. There’s a lamb pide with my name on it!

    (And, just for clarification, I’m signed up for Michelle Bridges’ 12WBT but adapt the food bit to be more in line with Weight Watchers, and do about 70% of the exercise the programme recommends)

  4. When I’m trying to ‘up’ my water intake I wear little bracelets (beads or something, 6 or so) on my wrist. Each time I finish a huge glass of water I take one off. That way, I can see how I’m tracking! (I forget to drink water at work!) I’m not going to wish you luck, I’m wishing to motivation and perseverance! Kate x

  5. I bought the Jawbone Up six weeks ago (very early Mothers Day present hint) I have loved the way it challenges me to stay active but after 6 weeks it broke? 😦
    I’m waiting to see how customer service handles it but I’m thinking that if the online forums about other users having the same problems are right then I might be wanting to jump brands to the fitbit. All these devices allow friends to connect and compete against one another and would add an extra dimension to the fun of cheering each other on here.

  6. This is great Kirsty. I started on this path a few months back. check out http://www.bodyrockTV or http://www.dailyhiit for great workouts you can do with gear or not … at home. do what you can, but I have found it quickly cranks up my metabolism – that coupled with walking and so forth has had a big toning and loss result. Not to mention I feel lots stronger. (feel free to completely ignore the blatant exercise porn you will see on these sites – just do the exercises … you dont have to aim to look like the presenters!)

  7. I find putting down iPads and the like the hardest thing. Go you! Also house stairs?! Hard core! Time to tell the man of your goals.

  8. Spent 35 minutes walking at a good pace as I followed my 3 year old riding his bike. I need to find my pedometer…

  9. Great start Kirsty! I did well but could have done better. But slow and steady is better than my normal style of push myself hard for one or two days then collapsing from exhaustion.

    So my summary:
    Steps: I don’t have a pedometer but went for a 2km [power] walk.
    Water = 1.2L (I’ve always been told to aim for 2L or more if you’re sweating lots, and 3L if you are detoxing.)
    Skinny face moment: Avoiding afternoon snacks by munching on veggies with the baby.
    Fat face moment: choosing to walk instead of running as I couldn’t be bothered changing into my sports bra.
    Screen time: too much time checking FB on my mobile (as usual). I need to stop this!

    Once again thanks for giving me a place to be accountable! It makes me think about my actions throughout the day and change some bad habits 🙂

  10. When I moved to Dubai I really wanted to get fit and lose weight, but there have been so many excuses – the heat, my 1 year old, etc, etc. Then there’s all the food opportunities here – all you can eat brunches, fab curries, cheap chocolate (that can be delivered to your door. Then one day I discovered I had all these fitness videos on my Smart TV I started doing one every time my youngest took a nap. Now 2 months later, my body has changed, I muscles! I haven’t had the dramatic weightloss that I expected or wanted, but my body is changing slowly and mentally I feel so much better. I also feel great being a good role model for my kids, I keep telling that I’m exercising to get fit and healthy (not to look better). Though I secretly hope I’ll get into a bikini for the first time in my life before I’m 40! That’s my goal!

  11. I like to ‘pin’ crazy Cross Fit routines you can do at home for fun – perhaps I should get one out for a run, there’s one with burpees that people re-pin A LOT and I just look at it and laugh. Green smoothie for breakfast but just home from a full BBQ lunch (that’s American bbq) – might have to back up with a green smoothie for dinner.

  12. I love my fitbit! 8188 steps today (its after 9pm here). Skinny face moment was deciding that to get some more steps in on the days I don’t walk the kids to school (2k each way) I’ll get the kids and we’ll walk to meet our main Man at the station in the evening. Obviously need to do a bit more as well, but it sure is better than it was at 5pm. Funny to be in the first day of the new regime (with bodsquad) and spend the afternoon cooking up a storm of lentil soup and veal stew. Ready for the week to some extent!

  13. I think I am in the minority but I find weekends easier. We tend to wing it with meals on weekend so not doing the 3 squares. During the week I just eat because everyone else is. And more often that not it turns in to 5-6 squares as kids’ arrive home at various times ravenous for ‘dinner’ which I swear i just fed them a few hours before. I think I eat when I am hungry on weekends and eat by the clock on weekdays. On weekends we also eat out or take out at least once. I know it is coming and I can prepare (i would not have done well with an impromptu dinner and I definitely
    would not have denied myself delicious food prepared by someone else!). My Fitness Pal keeping me honest (and motivated). Water going well, exercise not so much.

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