I Don’t Even Like Icecream


This is my before shot. If you’d also like to feel like a complete tosser please pull out your camera, stand in front of the mirror and join me. C’mon – you can do it! I’d love to be brave enough to do it in my bathers but really, do we all need to see that? So here’s the out loud declaration:

I’m going to put these clothes on again in August and these jeans are not going to be skin tight. See how they crease up around my knees and stretch to their full capacity over my thighs and calves? They’re not going to look like that by the end of August.

So here’s yesterday’s log.

Steps:  7,500. I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill and on the stepper for about 50 minutes. I should have done more to reach the 10K but G and the kids were out by the pool and it was Saturday and I wanted to join them. The best bit about my gym time was I missed the part where they ate the pizza.

Water:  8 big glasses and 3 small bottles by the pool – really need to get that jug.

Skinny Face Moment (s): I didn’t partake in the pizza at the pool and when G went to get the ice-creams on the way home (a little tradition of ours) he didn’t get me one. The truth is, I don’t even really like ice-cream, I’ve just been eating them because everyone else was.

Fat Face Moment: There was champagne, friends dropped by and instead of sharing the one bottle they brought along I insisted we open another one. I am always the instigator of just one more. Why is that? Why can’t I let the party end? I also had one of those Lindt chocolates G brought back from London – that’s okay though isn’t it? To have just one?

Time Spent Online: Shit. I have a serious problem. Admittedly I wasted a lot of time yesterday trying to work out how to get rid of the stupid wrap around text on this blog. But there was way too much time on my laptop in the morning. I did actually turn it off though so there was no temptation to lift the lid for a sneaky look. I read a book on my Ipad by the pool but it doesn’t have 3G so there was no “online-ness”. Yes, I just made up a word.

How are you going with it all? What are you Fat Face Skinny Face moments? Are you going to take a Before shot? C’mon – let’s do it!!!


6 thoughts on “I Don’t Even Like Icecream

  1. Well done going to the gym and passing on ice cream!

    I’d take a before pic, but can’t actually get my jeans all the way up over my thighs. I did do a half hour on the treadmill yesterday.

  2. I’ll do a before shot, for sure! I type that, as I shovel homemade mac and cheese (oooh, the goo!) in my mouth and after I drank Going Away Baileys & Coffee all afternoon. I didn’t have a Skinny Face moment today 😦 The only steps I logged were up and down the stairs carrying the crap I’ve purged from this house.

    I am going to shut down the computer now though and take the dog for a walk. Good for both of us, I guess.

    Are we posting our before shots on the FB page? Yikes.

  3. For the water, just grab a plastic litre bottle out of recycling, and fill it up twice! Works a treat for me! Yay for the steps!

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