What’s For Dinner?

I write a menu plan every Sunday morning. Like most families we have the old faves which feature prominently, and out of the twenty or so rotating meals I think we have maybe two that all four children will eat without complaint. Three out of four eat curries, three out of four eat spicy asian soups, and three out of four eat lamb and beef.  And, you guessed it, three out of four eat salmon. Yesterday in the car I asked for menu suggestions for this week. “Chicken Schnitzel” said one voice. Every week. Every week people. I am so over chicken schnitzels. “Lasagne” said another as I died of boredom in the front seat. “Spaghetti and meatballs” said the smallest person.

All of those dishes leave me cold. I think I overdosed on kids meals a few years ago. Anything tomato and mince based has me screaming for the door. And chicken schnitzel just looks like one gigantic chicken nugget to me.

Today I pulled out the recipe books. It was time to look for something new and healthy. Tonight it was Sang Choy Bow, I used this recipe but we had chicken instead of pork.


It was a goody and guess what – three out of four children liked it. Just. Can’t. Please. Everyone. The lack of utensils was a major drawcard to the meal.

Steps: 9,400K  and 14 flights of stairs

Water: So much water! I drank 4 bottles while I was at the gym and 8 big glasses throughout the day.

Fat Face Moment: I had 4 tuna patties for lunch and I probably could have done with three. I knew I was full but I chose not to stop because they were so yummy. I don’t need to finish everything on my plate – I am not five.

Skinny Face Moment: Changing the menu plan. The Sang Choy Bow felt healthy and the kids who liked it LOVED it. G came home at 4.30 and I went to the gym instead of sitting around with a G & T. I had an alcohol free day. I didn’t eat any chocolate. All of these things make me the smuggest fat face in town.

Time Spent Online: I was better, but still not good. I need to remember to put the distractions away. I can be typing away and slightest “ding” of a cell/mobile phone or an alarm from an Ipad will have me stop everything to check. I am a slave to my devices. It’s dumb.

How are you guys going? Any good fat face skinny face decisions you want to share?


11 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner?

  1. I menu plan. Part of this is because I’m a control freak. Part of it is because I never want to see another sausage again. I have 3 children and there’s only 3 dishes *everyone* likes. So entered the meal plan. Everyone has to contribute one meal, but it can’t be something we had the week before. Kids can deal with meals they don’t like if they know ‘their’ meal is on the horizon. I can deal with sausages if its only once a month…

    1. I menu plan because 4 – 6pm at our house is chaotic enough without having to think about what I’m cooking for dinner. I also cannot stand the “What’s for dinner?” question so it’s stuck to the fridge for anyone who’s interested. Totally agree with you on the sausages (a meal that I firmly believe belongs in the breakfast category).

  2. Arrrgh meal planing – BOY.DO.I.HATE.IT. As my Scottish friend would say “coz ya’ just kanna win”‘ I have hubby who eats everything (well trained) and a 17 year old who thinks the only form of food is MEAT – will not touch a piece of fruit or veg (we do force feed him cucumber, broccoli and berry smoothies – just to make us feel better) and a near 21 year old back from Uni for the summer who is off the carbs, won’t eat red meat but is otherwise not too hard to please…..

    I cannot plan ahead – never have been able to – had this discussion the other day with hubby who was trying to ‘not interfere’ in ‘my office’ as he calls it but thought he would make some constructive suggestions – yeah right!

    So, for help and inspiration (I have given up asking the family) I turn to magazines and cookbooks – of which we have a few, as I love to read them and a Youtube site called ‘Sorted’ sortedfood.com Sorted are a bunch of Uni students who initially just played around in their kitchen and wanted to teach non cooker uni students how easy it is to make something decent and healthy – it has become huge and so far everything I have made has been fab and so easy) They do a Chicken Katzu Curry (Asian Chicken Schnitzel – but soooo much nicer and more interesting). When all else fails I google ideas. Having lived in Asia for most of my life I really miss good Chinese (no such thing here unless you are game for a 56km trip to China town in Antwerp) but I have found some fab cookbooks by Ching-He Huang (saw her on the cooking channel – now have three of her books) and her recipes have always been a hit.

    The weather has been kinder to us over the last few days, so last night we BBQ’d and had a green salad – healthy enough I guess.

    What is for dinner tonight? Not sure yet – but we have some fresh pasta left over and I can’t ever throw food out, so it will be used – maybe some seafood marinara? We’ll see ……

  3. Rock on Ms. K and your awesome Skinny Face moments! I am just watching along for now and the only SFM (Skinny Face Moment) I have to report is a copius intake of water. That’s all I’ve got for today. Dinner? Whatever is left in the fridge …

  4. Well done Kirsty…you are on the skinny face road to success.
    I went to gym, had a Greek yoghurt for a snack, but fell to the wayside and succumbed to a small portion of Singapore noodles.
    I have 2 weeks until my holidays so this week is cabbage soup week…need to jump start my skinny new face.

  5. You’re awesome!

    Husband left today for 2 week and I was feeling pretty sorry for myself yesterday…..alllllll day! With the inspiration of you and me feel sorry for myself (on top of loathing my body) I decide this was the perfect time to look 100% together and not sooty. Time to menu plan! I used the 17 Day Diet Cookbook and what do you think I just finished before heading out to swimming….the 17 Day version of San Chang Bow!!! I had a “cooking day” today and made two soups, extra San Chang Bow filling, and cooked 8 chicken breasts to be used in salads and with veggies for me, and used for pastas and wraps for the kids.

    I walked the dog through the estate

    Fat Face Moment
    Snarfing filling out of the pan while I was cooking because….that’s what fat face people do. I’m going to stop this. I also bought the kids chips and a soft drink at the store on the way home after school.

    Skinny Face Moment
    ONE skinny cap today without a treat with it. Win. No unhealthy after school snacks for me even though I got crap for the kids! NO chocolate today….at all!

    Have had plenty and will continue until bed.

    Haven’t worried about that….we’ll see if I change my tune.

    Thanks for this outlet and great job to you and the others!!!

    1. So it’s not just me thats guilty of eating a meal before I’ve even served it! I am terrible at nibbling away at whatever I’m cooking and then serving myself a full dinner. And don’t even get me started on polishing off whatever the children don’t eat!

  6. Ah, dinner! Tonight I felt like a short order chef – I had lentil soup (Bill’s Sydney food) without any bread, Al had veal casserole, Master 4 had pasta bake and Miss 6 had zucchini fritters. Rest assured that the kids had leftovers and Al and I had what I’d been cooking today!

  7. Was looking through the site and re-read my earlier reply….obviously suffering from severe low blood sugar or something!! My apologies for some ridiculous type-o’s and poor tense agreement!! LOL!!

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