The Fast Diet


I downloaded “The Fast Diet”. The idea of 5:2 (eating for five days and fasting for two) really appealed to me. And after so many friends suggested it after I wrote my initial fat face post,  I really wanted to try it. Today was day one of the fast. Five hundred calories.

I began with an egg for breakfast. Lunch was an apple and an orange. I had an afternoon snack of edamame beans and for dinner I had two tablespoons of risotto. I’m not joking, two tablespoons.

I thought about food all day. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a diet/watched what I’ve eaten, so today was a bit of an eye-opener. After being so careful all day  I wandered downstairs to grab my phone and unconsciously slipped my hand into a jar of chocolate coated coffee beans that are currently sitting on our side table.  I ate three of them before I realized what I was doing. As I was walking up back up the stairs it struck me. Hello, my name’s Kirsty and I’m an unconscious eater.

Steps: 7,500 – G was out tonight for work so I just went for a walk around the compound and up and down the stairs.

Water: I think I had at least 3 litres of water today. I drank oodles in the morning which I think helped with the fasting.

Fat Face Moment: The unconscious eating. I really eat without thinking. I ruined a whole day’s work with those bloody coffee beans. They were really good though 😉

Skinny Face Moment: I was completely over myself by the end of today. I drove to school twice this afternoon and the traffic at the moment is beyond frustrating. By the time I got home I wanted to curl up in a fetal position and rock myself to sleep. The fourth child and I had serious negotiations over him, his mouth, and the amount of peas that were distributed in the risotto. I looked longingly at the wine and then decided it was time for a skinny face moment. I walked outside and joined a neighbour for a quick shuffle around the compound. I need to remind myself to go for a walk when it gets to easy to do nothing.

How about you? Fat face skinny face moments?


10 thoughts on “The Fast Diet

  1. I’m just starting out my day, but yesterday I had enough of myself and my commiserating and sadness and stress and went for a 3 mile run. Cried my way through it and felt better when I got home. I’m not sure how many steps that is? Skinny Face Moment today so far, skipping the sweets and muffins at a Yoo Hoo / Boo Hoo coffee this morning.

    Good work on the 5 : 2 !!

  2. Well done Kirsty! I’m not able to do low cal / fasting diets – it’s not worth the potential damage that could be done to my relationship! Hats off to you for sticking to it (for the most part) and still getting out and going for a walk.

    The last two days have not been worthy of even thinking I had a skinny face moment – they were just two big fat face days.

    But I’m back on the wagon again today. It’s only midday here but so far I’ve done a 4km walk/run and limited my screen time also.

    My fat face moment for this morning was going back to bed when the baby went back to sleep.

    My skinny face moment was forcing myself out for a walk/run even though I felt exhausted and as though I don’t have any energy. But I did it and feel better for it 🙂

    I’m going to load a before photo to FB as soon as I find time to put on something I want to fit better and get a picture.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. I also downloaded the book and another one with recipes yesterday. I fly back to the UK today so it will be an imposed fast day! Though its is possible I will succumb to a glass of champagne. Thing is, here comes the fat face excuse, my husband only eats the plainest food and I do mean plain. No veg, nothing spicy, nothing with chilli… So cooking for my children was and is a massive pleasure except when he is there, and back we go to a plain old roast and sausages. It feels mean to cook things for guests and family that he simply will not eat. Cooking for our loved ones is such a primeval instinct for us women. Your menus selected by your children sound so exotic in comparison with the dishes I am used to serving in my home. Don’t know about fat face or skinny face, dead jealous face is more like it!

  4. Hi Kirsty,
    I have been overhauling my health for a while now, but was at a crossroads when you started this blog. You insprired me to shift it up a few gears rather than give up. I joined the Cohens Lifestyle Clinic a few years back, which I enjoyed once I got going. So last week I dusted off the cover and have spent the last 3 days detoxing too. I want my skinny face back and some energy to keep up with my kids. Keep up with the good work and thanks for the inspriation.

  5. 500 calories a day – that is so hard when the rest of the family can and will eat normally! I am in awe! I don’t think the three coffee beans will have hurt. Ladies, tell me do you wake up during the night with a rumbling tummy? I am currently just cutting down the portions on my plate and staying off the carbs. Due to the incredible water intake I am needing the loo an awful lot day and night – I have been told that this will improve 🙂 I woke up last night at about 3am starving and it took a lot to not sneak downstairs ….

    Here is to a Skinny Face Day – thanks for all the encouragement and inspiration


  6. Hi Kirsty
    I’m on a fast day today and you can probably hear my tummy rumbling from where you are! It’s week 20 and it is truly an amazing diet. I’m am doing it with my husband and it really helps to have the same meal together in the evenings. I don’t feel I’m missing out so much. Apart from the fat loss I’m totally hooked by the dementia benefits. When I feel like caving in I just have to stop and think why I’m doing it. I’ve just buttered up a pile of raisin toast for the kids getting in off the school bus and its so hard not to instinctively lick the melted butter off my fingers as I hand out the warm delicious drippy cinnamon smelling slices…. Sorry. That doesn’t help does it! Anyway. Keeping busy seems to be the key to survival. That and the ability to relax a bit on the other 5 days. It makes it a more long term diet as you feel more than happy to fast again after 5 days of normal eating. Good luck!

  7. I had a fast day yesterday too – I wonder if restaurants and cafes around the world have less customers on Mondays and Thursdays now because of this? The best part I think is that I don’t wake up as starving the next morning as I’d expect. Very rarely overeating on the day following a fast day, I think my stomach must adapt. I keep some miso soup in the cupboard, the one I’ve got is 38 calories so good for a fast day lunch. My screen time has been much less than usual today, with a more conscious effort to choose a piece of fruit as a snack than a piece of toast.

  8. Ha, it was my fast day too today. I do the version where I don’t eat til dinner time and therefore get a bit more food for the breaking of the fast. I prefer it to eating 3 tiny meals over the day. I find it easier not to start eating. I just have a tea with the family when they are having breakfast, and water through the day and maybe a black coffee. Today though it was my niece’s birthday afternoon tea so the breaking of the fast was a bit silly – could’ve been worse though. I am also not partaking of the alcoholic beverages 5 days out of 7. I read again how much alcohol affect the digestion. Not worth it it seems. 8889 steps so far and I think that will almost be that for today! Back to my 3 day cleanse tomorrow, where carbs and sugar basically don’t exist.

  9. Looked in to the ‘fast diet’ but worry that i would just be so piggy on the non fast days that I would have a net gain by the end of any week. But am loving the ‘my fitness pal’ app. That suits the planner in me. I know exactly what i have to work with and if I choose to have dessert as my side with dinner i can as long as I don’t go over my magic calorie number. Like a little game to hit the calorie per day target. I am also an unconscious eater K. The app has helped me with that as I can at least see how often i mindlessly nibble at during the day. Mindful eating. I need to do that more. Fat face moment – finishing pasta left on K’s plate after dinner (why do i do that i wasn’t even hungry??) Skinny face moment – husband home for lunch and made BLTs. I passed on the bacon and i LOVE bacon.

  10. I looked at the fasting option (there are lots of different books) and finally decided upon the eating “window” idea and its really working – shifting extra kilos that have slowly crept on over the years.
    the way I do it is:
    I just have a coffee at the time when the family is having breakfast. It’s such a crazy time of the day that it works to have me buzzing around getting everything organised (I used this time to sort the kids, tidy the house, put a load of washing on, send emails etc) and generally get the day off to a good start.
    Then I make sure I have something to keep me occupied all morning – but I drink black decaf coffee (if its not decaf it makes me to jittery) and herbal teas to get me through to 11.30am – then I eat something like low fat yoghurt and a tablespoon of honey or maple syrup. then I have a proper lunch (I could the calories throughout but I really don’t desire crap food at this point at all) and I snack through the afternoon, have a healthy dinner with the rest of the family in the evening and finish my food for the day at that time.
    So the “eating window” idea is that there are no fast days, just every day I eat my calories (1200 for a woman my age and size) between the hours of 11.30 – 7pm. It works really well. I still eat things like chocolate and stuff but I count them. I exercise regularly and I feel so much better.

    Eating window: 11.30-7pm, 1200 calories
    have worked out that champagne and cider are few calories than regular wine and beers 🙂
    I also notice that I make better choices about what I how I eat my calories ie 1 chocolate finger is 35 calories but who’s satisfied with just one? so I eat dark chocolate instead or save those calories and have them in something else that will satisfy me to just have one of.

    the thing is, that if you extend your eating window one day, you can just go back to the normal eating window the next day.
    I do think that counting calories is really helpful for changing the way I think about what I eat.

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