In Search Of A Frill


I was on the move yesterday. The second little traveller will be bringing a school project to life this morning and going to school dressed as Elizabeth 1. We have the dress, crown and jewels but she needed the frill collar. I was in search of ruffle. I hit the souq and wandered from fabric shop to fabric shop, melting in the heat as I went along. I love the souq and heading off on an adventure on my own made me feel good. Mental note: get out an explore it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something, it also adds steps to the pedometer.

Steps: I didn’t get to the gym, it was a half day at school and every second of my day seemed child focussed. All was not lost though, I walked 8K steps thanks to my trip to the souk.

Water: Not one drop in the morning. I need to remember to take water with me when I’m out.  I tried to make up for it later in the day.

Fat Face Moment: We went to Subway for lunch, we all chose the healthy options but when we got to the register they asked if we wanted chips or a cookie (it was part of the deal). Such a cruel question “chips or a cookie?” I really enjoyed that cookie. Next time I need to remember to tell them we won’t be partaking in the chips and cookie deal.

Skinny Face Moment: Soup for dinner and I only had one tinsy tiny piece of bread. It was another alcohol free day.

Time Online: So much better. I stayed away from my laptop for most of the day and spent the evening sewing the ruffle for her majesty.

How’d you go?  I’m trying another fast day today and I’m really looking forward to it. Weird.



9 thoughts on “In Search Of A Frill

  1. Lesson learned today – just because it is healthy does NOT mean I can have 3 servings. Went WAY over on ‘my fitness pal’ today. But don’t feel too badly as I overate in a very healthy way…..

  2. Skinny face moment: walking up and down the stairs at work

    Fat face moment: Asking hubbie to pick up some chocolate after work, then cancelling the request, but only because I’d already eaten half a pot of ice cream! To add to that hubbie brought chocolate home and I ate that too!

  3. On day 3 and feeling really good about it. Thanks for doing this! The last two days:

    Water: really good, still need
    more this afternoon though. Will have to keep drinking.

    Steps: No working out or walking today. Injury flare up, but I could have still walked. But I didn’t. Walked around tile and timber stores and Stegbar.

    Fat Face Moment: Taking a bit of the Baker’s Delight Bread…well, actually buying the bread was the beginning of that fat face moment…. well actually taking several bits….AND eating one pinch full of grated cheese.

    Skinny Face Moment: Took my lunch with me (raw veggie salad with cut up chicken) to the hairdressers. Looking ravishing and eating well….right? Oh, and only having ONE pinch of grated cheese instead of 10!

  4. Had a ‘doh!’ moment this morning when I realized I needed to report here daily if I’m going to make serious progress. Guess that’s why accountability works. Sigh…

    Yesterday was a low exercise day due to two social commitments – one at home, the other out. Did walk to the latter and ran some errands. Making up for it today.

    Fat Face moment: my hair seemed curlier/shorter yesterday and it was NOT flattering.

    Skinny Face moment: Well hydrated, and my pants were a titch looser in the thighs, thanks to cycling the previous 3 days.

  5. After yesterday afternoons fat face moments aka the 8 Year Old’s Birthday Party, today I have been super diligent. Was dying to have a zucchini fritter (homemade) and realised that would be silly. Shake for breakfast, vege lentil soup for lunch, meatballs and cabbage (instead of pasta) for dinner. Two diet fizzy drinks, Aqua class and twenty minutes of laps afterwards this morning. I feel very collected. Day 3 done and dusted. Now to keep to the no after dinner snackeroonis – I’ve been great for over a week now in that regard.

  6. A quick check in. I feel like I need some accountability! Big time!
    Steps: 12289, and I swam for 15 minutes.
    Water: Does coke count? Or coffee? Maybe I had 2 glasses. Maybe.
    Fat face: since I felt virtuous about going swimming, I ordered a blue cheese burger and fries for lunch. ARGH.
    Skinny face: I left half the giant t-bone steak on my plate at dinner. I usually eat the whole thing.

  7. It occurred to me today that if I put my hand up “I’m in!” then I actually should write something. I’m a bit slow like that.

    Anyway, I’m going to try my best to come here every evening and post about my day. Here goes!

    Exercise: I’ve recently started training with my 8yo son for a 2km fun run he’s doing next month with his footy club. We started jogging/shuffling last week and today we hit a milestone – jogged 1.2km without stopping, walked a bit, then jogged another 800m without stopping. We’re going to try to build up our time & distance over the coming weeks on Mon/Wed/Fri. On the other days, I’m going to attempt a 30min fitball DVD at home. Stay tuned!

    Water: It’s winter so I’m drinking copious amounts of tea! Will start paying attention to my water from now on.

    Fat Face Moment: I probably didn’t need to go on a toast & Vegemite bender at lunchtime. Probably something to do with the aforementioned wintry weather and consequent tea consumption.

    Skinny Face Moment: Made a curry for dinner and did something clever with the coconut milk. I put the tin of coconut milk in the fridge to solidify the fats. When I opened the tin to make dinner I scraped out and binned about 2/3 of the solidified fats. I used the coconut water and a small bit of the fat in the curry and it tasted pretty good. You can use that if you like 😉

    Time Online: This is something I want to fix but haven’t started yet. However, I found an excellent article in the local paper today – will report back soon!

    That felt good to write down! You’re a gem… I might just pop back here again tomorrow 🙂

  8. This is such a great idea Kristy.
    I’m joining in from today, though I don’t have the fitbit or a pedometer so will probably share that a bit differently. Over the past week I have switched to a subway salad for lunch (it’s a 2 minute walk from my office) and two glasses of carrot juice with my omelet sandwich for breakfast.

    1. Oh and my bad online habit is reading blogs in bed after reading a book, which keeps me awake till about 2am (I usually go to bed between 12 and 1am). I’m going to stop doing this from today. That’s my online control resolution.

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