One Of Those Days


It was one of those days. The fourth little traveller and I waited in the medical clinic for two hours. I had a ticket in my hand waiting with a number, we were waiting to be called. We had twenty one people before us – and then people just started randomly walking in to see the doctor. They didn’t bother getting  a ticket, they just pushed through. There was nothing we could do. When we finally got in to see the doctor she said we had to come back on Sunday. I took a deep breath and left.

I forgot to take my fitbit to the gym.

I tried a dress on to go out and stood in the mirror and sighed. I got changed three times and still wasn’t happy.

It was one of those days.

Steps: I’ll take a random guess that it was about 9K. It was a busy morning and I went to the gym for an hour and was out last night, so I may have even made it to 10K

Water: 10 big glasses

Fat Face Moment: I had a bite of a donut. It was free, it was hot off the conveyor belt, and it was offered to me so many times that I couldn’t say no. It was just a bite though, so maybe that’s just as much a skinny face moment?

Skinny Face Moment: I drove last night, solely so I wouldn’t drink. I was offered so much yummy food. When we got home I had a cup of green tea instead of joining G for a glass of wine.

Time Online: The phone now travels in the glove box when I’m in the car. This way I don’t check it at the traffic lights – now I just spent 5 minutes parked in my driveway when I arrive home!

How are you going?


13 thoughts on “One Of Those Days

  1. I think if you are taking the brave step to be accountable to us then I should return the bravery, so here goes.
    Yesterday was my second fast day & I found it much easier. I realised the key for me was planning ahead & knowing what I was going to spend my 500 cals on. So, yesterday was definitely mainly a skinny face day.
    Fat face moment – deciding to have my nails done instead of going to the gym !! At least my 2 boys noticed my beautifully manicured bright red nails with the littlest one saying “I love your nails Mummy, you should wear something red to match them tomorrow.”
    Water – 2.5 litres … I’ve never pee’d so much!!
    Online time – needs improving. I’m going to steal your idea of putting my phone in the glove box while driving. Now to hide the iPads & turn off the laptop !!
    Exercise – Called my personal trainer & told him he has to go back to pushing me & I’ve booked weekly sessions for the next 5 weeks. My muscles are surely going to regret this .. about to head there now. Oh & I bit the bullet & bought some speedo’s & organised to start swimming tomorrow after school drop off.
    Oh & I’ve had 3 alcohol free days & planning on having another one today so feeling quite pleased with myself this week 🙂

    1. Hey Elizabeth, I felt the same way – the second fast day was definitely easier.I am signing up for the personal trainer when we get back from our summer break and if I get brave enough and can make the timing work I’m thinking of trying to jump in to one of those boot camps at the park – we’ll see. Three alcohol free days is seriously impressive! I’d be feeling pleased with myself as well. Thanks for filling me in, so much better when you know there’s other out there.

  2. Those are the days I ususlly cave and scoff a block of chocolate….one bite of a donut…you are a rock star! Good on you 🙂

  3. Fast day for me. Tried not eating until dinner but took the kids out for pancakes at lunchtime. Had a tuna salad instead. Stuck to fruit and miso soup for dinner, so I think calories in were ok. Probably best day so far, though i spent most of it on the internal struggle to stay away from the pantry.

    Am hanging out for tomorrow, with a kid free day I can actually get some exercise done.

    1. Tuna Salad! I hadn’t thought of that one – that’s a goody for fast day. I think having the children around makes EVERYTHING harder. The fact that you have to feed them, and I’m yet to meet a child that asks for a salad for lunch 🙂

  4. Extremely unproductive day today! I’m supposed to be studying for exams next week but instead I spent most of today chasing stuff for my 6yo’s footy team and reading important* articles online.

    Exercise – didn’t manage proper exercise, so I wiggled around the kitchen to Macklemore whilst making dinner. Totally counts, right?

    Fat Face – scoffed a piece of slice that I was saving for the kids. It was chilly today and I needed it to go with my cuppa.

    Skinny Face – have only had a cup of tea tonight after dinner.

    Online – Totally failed today. Oops.

  5. What a great idea! I’ve been tracking my weight with myfitnesspal because I realised that despite doing 2 full Jillian Michaels programs (ripped in 30 and 3 day shred- super great btw), over (or waaay under eating, as it turned out) will not get me the results I want..

    Water: Not alot, slept in so I haven’t had alot of day in which to drink. Maybe 4 glasses?

    Exercise: I was totally going to do an hour strength DVD (JM, all the way) but decided against it. I played netball last night and am sore. Not so sore that I couldn’t have pushed through, but I used that card anyway!

    Fat Face Moment: I needed to bulk out my calorie count because I was under, so I chose a pack of mini M&M’s.. I also had a glass of coke with dinner..

    Skinny Face Moment: Even with those M&M’s, I was within my calorie range- my goal for the week has been to be within 100 either way of my RDI..

    1. It was! Cant stand diet/zero/super chemical coke.. lol.
      This app is keeping me accountable, but it doesn’t register the days when I take exercise off that I’d planned for the morning at 6 am so I can lay in my warm bed for an hour before getting ready for work… Haha. Doesn’t happen TOO often, but I was too cold to face it today.. (It’s not even 8 am and I already have a fat face moment!!)

  6. Fat face: it’s period time and i want to eat the world!

    Skinny face: I exercised 4/5 week days even though most of them I didn’t want to and it was hard to find the time as it was a busy week. I also got some blood test results back that indicated this regime is working! Cholestrol and such is much lower (20%) than it was the
    last time I had it checked in 2007.

    Online: bad.bad.bad.

    Water: i drink at least 3 litres most day and down 2 big glasses as soon as I wake to combat sleeping in air con.

    Steps: don’t know but I did running and walking intervals for 40 mins this morning and then walked Orchard Road looking for berets. I found them eventually in a shop next to the car park but yay for extra exercise, even if my feet hurt……

  7. I have been reading all your posts and I’m in awe of how well you’ve been doing. After going back to full-time work this year (and surviving another long Finnish winter) I’ve been feeling a dress size too big, and more un-fit than I’ve ever been. I’ve been thinking for a while that I should join you – that I want to join you – but can I admit that I’ve been too scared? I’m scared that I won’t have the strength to stick with it, and that I’ll just feel disappointed and worse than when I started. But you have inspired me to take the plunge. It might not work out, but on the other hand – it just might, and that would be amazing.

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