Let’s Have A Drink About It


The weekend started with a bang. An impromptu dinner had me feasting on a delicious Indonesian meal. I probably wasn’t toooooo bad, until the dessert came, then I was really bad. But it was the wine, so much wine.

Friday was a familiar tale.  In search of comfort that was found in the form of a steak sandwich, I could have chosen a salad and next time I will. The sandwich made me feel heavy and I didn’t enjoy it nor did I finish it.  Dinner was nibbles at a friend’s party, the food was fab and I don’t think I overdid it – but this time it was champagne. It was a great party. I became somewhat confused, believing I was fifteen years younger and without children. I hit the pool table and confused myself with some-one who can actually play. There was giggles at the bar and the most hysterical conversation that was sooo naughty I was immediately told “don’t you dare put that on your blog.” That was just before someone said “lets have a tequila slammer”.  This morning I remembered why old ladies with four children shouldn’t  drink slammers.

Alcohol. Alcohol makes you hungry, and for me it really affects what I eat the day after. This weekend was unusual so I’m not going to beat myself up about it, but I’ve realized if I’m going to drink I need to have food ready the next day. Good food – not stodge.

Steps: I haven’t had the fitbit on this weekend and I haven’t been to the gym. I’ll be back there tomorrow.

Water: I’ve drank a lot of water both today and yesterday but I find it harder on the weekends to remind myself.

Fat Face Moment: Dessert at the restaurant on Thursday night. I didn’t need it, and I ate it all. Just. Say.No.

Skinny Face Moment: I’ve had many but they all feel irrelevant after the blowout with the boozy weekend. However, I didn’t load up on rice on Thursday night. I didn’t hoover the sweets at the party on Friday. It could have been worse right?

Time spent Online: Not too bad! I’ve read some of my book. And when I found myself sitting on the Ipad with a child a few metres away on the couch I changed the situation. I sat and read three chapters of his book to him while we snuggled on the couch together.

How are you going? Is it harder for you on the weekends?


9 thoughts on “Let’s Have A Drink About It

  1. Yes, I find weekends are much harder. Friday means the kids are allowed to have dinner in front of the TV & last night their request was sausages in bread. It must be the Aussie in me but I cannot pass up a sausage in a piece of bread with tomato sauce drizzled all over it. Needless to say that was just the start of my fat face evening !! Thai takeaway for dinner for the adults, although I did resist the urge to fill my bowl with coconut rice & instead had a little bit of coconut rice & the rest plain rice so I guess that’s better than what I would have done previously. I also managed to polish off half a bottle of red wine telling myself that I’d been so good having 4 alcohol free days that I deserved a nice glass of red. On the upside I did get to the pool yesterday for a 30 minute swim & even breaking my goggles before I got in the pool didn’t deter me, so I’m pretty pleased with myself for persevering with my swim. My eyes weren’t thanking me later that day mind you. Water yesterday wasn’t good either, lack of planning on my part & forgetting to take my water bottle with me to the pool. Today hasn’t been much better either. I don’t know why drinking water on the weekend seems to take so much more effort than during the week. Exercise today has been non existent except for walking around a huge hardware store buying gardening bits & pieces. I was going to get up & go to the gym this morning but as I was thinking about it the kids came & jumped in with us so I decided to stay snuggled in bed with the kidlets. There is always tomorrow 🙂

    1. A sausage in bread – just too easy. I remember being told how many calories were involved in a sausage in bread once and then realizing I’d eaten about a weeks worth of calories at the sausage sizzle after work on a Friday night. So glad I’m not the only one who struggled this weekend.

  2. My Skinny Face moments this week have been making sure I eat breakfast, and I have a big pot of lentil soup sitting in the slowcooker so I have something healthy ready to eat. We’re doing a massive reno ourselves so the weekend is all go and there’s no time for cooking. At least it helps with my exercise as I haven’t been to the gym for 3 weeks 😦
    Have you tried a smoothie for brekky on those dreaded ‘morning after’ days? You can add all sorts of healthy stuff!
    Love the putting down the ipad and reading with your traveller instead….something I need to work on.
    Have a great week 🙂

      1. Probably start off with fruit smoothies….they’re a little less scary than the green ones to start 🙂 Frozen banana, berries, yoghurt – I use greek, a little juice, almond milk or water, I also throw in some chia seeds, sunflower seeds, and linseed (flaxseed). You can add any kind of fruit, in summer I use nectarines, plums, peaches. Not mango cos I’m allergic 😀 When you get braver throw in a handful of spinach or kale!
        I’m still experimenting…have fun!

        1. I just have a banana with some milk and a table spoon of oats, makes it more filling.. I also add a shake of cinnamon.
          Have a google of green smoothies, I am thinking of trying that soon because I don’t really eat green things.. Add enough banana and it’ll taste like that, surely? lol

  3. Love the story about the tequila slammers!
    Weekends are harder because there’s less structure than weekdays – and then there’s all the fun things you get to do that make it even harder again.
    I’ve been fairly consistent over the last few days. Walking at least three kms and drinking a minimum of 2L of water.
    Fat Face moment was eating one finger of a Twix bar last night, after dinner, even though I didn’t really feel like it.
    Skinny Face moment was deciding to share that Twix with my husband so I wouldn’t eat the whole thing.
    Online time has improved greatly and has meant I’ve got so much more done, which has been great 🙂

  4. I did an hour of intense exercise yesterday, and was under my calorie limit; definite skinny day..
    Today has been nothing but a fat day. I should’ve exercised this morning but my legs are screaming from my killer buns and thighs workout. Then we went shopping and there was McDonalds nearby. SO I got a small meal, and a small frappe. Except they gave me a large drink- if you don’t know what a frappe is, it’s milk and ice and flavour and cream and chocolate sauce. Nothing good. Of course, I didn’t have to drink the whole thing, but I did. Now I’m over my calorie limit and it isn’t even tea time!
    Nothing redeemable about this day except the lovely pain from yesterdays workout.

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