The Important Half


I’ve lost one and a half kilos!  That half is very important.

A good day yesterday. The fast day was so much easier than last week and I really got through the day without thinking about it much at all. Lots of green tea, sugar free gum and  oodles of water. Dinner was a small piece of salmon with vegetables.

I’m giving up on the gym this week. I have so much to do in this week that I’m hoping the extra steps will help, but with the extra assemblies, class parties, last minute catch ups and final goodbyes I have bugger all time at the moment. Next week we’ll be back in Oz on holidays and there will be daily walks on the beach. I promise.

Steps: Are you ready? 2,000. I’m not even going to bother trying to make an excuse.

Water: Excellent. At least 10 big cups.

Fat Face Moment: I didn’t have one. Apart from the not walking, but the food side was brilliant.

Skinny Face Moment: I gave up half of my salmon to G and the kids, and I didn’t partake in the the potato.

Time Spent Online: I allotted  myself an hour late in the day, but when the kids began watching Madagascar last night I found myself scrolling through my iPad. I was reading though!

How are you guys? It’s been a week now.


6 thoughts on “The Important Half

  1. You have totally inspired me to make more of an effort to be fitter! I went and bought a fit bit and have been wearing it religiously for the past 3 days. It’s amazing how little I walk during the day. Being a teacher I really thought I walked a lot but the most has been 5578 steps so far.

    Fat face moment: going shopping straight from work when I was starving and buying lots of ‘naughty’ things.

    Skinny face moment: eating a baked, stuffed mushroom with sweet potato for tea and not touching any of the ‘naughty’ goodies I’d bought earlier!

  2. Kirsty – I love reading your blog, but I am ashamed to say that I have yet to get my backside out of the chair and do something :-0. I am moving to UAE next week and have promised myself that I will get into gear.

    Fat Face moment: Tiramisu at my son’s birthday party yesterday

    Skinny Face moment: no booze left in the house – skinny face week!

    Please keep the motivation coming – it will hit me sooner or later!

  3. Bad day yesterday but vow to be better today I am going to drink more water and move more…not sure an international move and dieting go well together !!!but I am trying. Oh hope you have a fab time in Australia x

  4. Long weekend here – and my weekends are dreadful for steps clocked up on the fitbit. We did go out to watch for whales (with success!!!) at a nearby national park and had a bit of a stroll. 1.5km is not very many steps! 3kgs down here in a week – I have had a lot of discipline and I have a lot to lose. This week should be pretty good too. Fasting tomorrow and Thursday. 4km walk tomorrow morning taking the darlings to school. Need to do an exercise session tonight before bed. Enjoy the end of term. Yay for S.A. oh so soon – and being in great health this time!!

  5. Ok. I’m really down! Had a fab start last week that slowly went down the gurgler! I have family coming in 4 weeks and I don’t want to be pathetic! I want to be amazing! I want to be 12 kilos lighter! You would think this would be the motivator of all motivators, but it NEVER is! It seems to get worse before it gets better and then, I have another kilo or two to drop on top of my already shameful fat face moment/life! SOOOOOOO, I’ve converted to the 5:2. Since I was feeling so low, I decided to just thrust the dagger in and start with the fasting day! I mean really, if today can’t be a successful fasting day, what day could be, right!

    So that’s my tanty, rant, sulk, moan and groan done with. I’m now on to amazing!

    It’s 2:05 in Melbourne and I’m at 86 calories. Two green teas. A couple of waters and bit of light exercise.

    Skinny face moment – fasting started

    Fat face moment – today….eating one walnut. Yesterday…you name, it happened!

    More amazing to come…..!

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