I dropped the second little traveller off at her party yesterday morning and was greeted by a really lovely mother holding a box of donuts. Has anyone else noticed that the minute you start watching what you eat you seem to be surrounded by feeders. How do you say no when someone has made a special trip? I stayed for a green tea, half a donut and a plate of fruit and then didn’t feel all that hungry until dinner time? I’m not half as hungry as I used to be now that I’ve started this 5:2 thing.

There were drinks last night with a group of women, nothing too huge but of course the minute I hit my second G & T I started admiring the bowl of chips in front of me. I stayed away from the sandwiches and stuck with the carrots, cucumber and tablespoon of hummus.

Today is fast day again and I can say hand on heart that I’m looking forward to it.

Steps: Better than yesterday but nowhere near where it needs to be.

Water: Good during the day, but not so good once the gin made an appearance.

Fat Face Moment: A handful of chips that were screaming out my name.

Skinny Face Moment: Cutting that donut in half and staying away from the naughty things on the table.

Online: There was no time for online yesterday and today is looking the same. Class parties, school assemblies and last minute goodbye stuff is the theme this week.

How are you going? How do you say no to feeders?


8 thoughts on “Feeders

  1. its amazing how once you commit to trying to avoid crap food, how it seems to suddenly be everywhere. Office morning teas, client lunches, work drinks, long weekend road trips. I stopped at Keith bakery for a coffee and couldn’t resist the sticky bun. ME BAD

  2. I’m on the first fast day for this week today. Thank goodness I’m not surrounded by feeders at the moment! Steps are great – I did the 4km round walking trip taking the kids to school. Tuesdays are our “ride to school” day, they scoot and balance bike it, and on Fridays we walk – well, Master 4 goes in the stroller most of the way as he jacks up about walking and he has to come back with me.
    Lots of water, a black coffee (which I really like, surprisingly). A lot of screen time but the kids were both at school/preschool. Doing well it seems!

  3. Fast day here too, so I’m spending time online to keep me away from the pantry – that’s ok right?
    Skinny face moment – Button on my jeans are getting easier to do up
    Fat Face – last night I polished off a block of lindt choc. 100g of deliciousness, probably eaten because i knew today was a fast day.
    Online – about average, could do with less.
    Water – ok, that’s not too hard for me
    Steps – that’s my nemesis! Rainy day home with a preschooler meant nothing today. Actually looking forward to moving to Boston where we won’t have a car, exercise will be the only way to get around.

  4. My first fast day ever! I stayed just over 500 calories. I broke down on the drive home from school pick up and got a Macca’s small skinny cap. That tipped it, but I needed/wanted it! It hasn’t been that hard, I dare say. I find evenings really hard. The day was a breeze really since a) I hit rock bottom of the loathing scale yesterday and b) I was really busy!

    Water – need more
    Steps – did the crosstrainer for a quick and hard 15 minutes
    Online – a lot today due to workload and organizing many social/school/family things.
    Fat Face – I picked off a bit of that damn Baker’s Delight roll!
    Skinny Face – I did my first fast day ever!

    I really hope this works! Fingers crossed and calories counting!

  5. I’ve had two not so good days. This is my second week back at work, and the first full week, after six and half months maternity leave so it’s taking a bit of getting used to juggling all the priorities. Top that off with a baby who has taken to not sleeping and I’m exhausted which makes avoiding sugar and doing exercise quite hard.

    So today’s log:

    Steps – may as well be none.

    Water – at least 1.8 litres

    Fat face moment: getting a chocolate bar when I bought dog food at the supermarket.

    Skinny face moment: there isn’t one.

    Online time: being so busy doesn’t allow for online time so all good there.

    Tomorrow will be a better day!

    1. Ps I think you handled the feeders the best way possible. There shouldn’t be any hurt feelings, you still got to enjoy the donut but you didn’t go over the top. Well done 🙂

  6. Three pounds down! Two days ago, I attended a garden party, before going I ate a light lunch to help me resist the party food. It was a hot day, I drank two glasses of lemon water and although I was tempted, I did not have a glass of wine. I enjoyed visiting and catching up with friends. However, yesterday I ate a small order of French fries…they were very good. I am tracking my food and exercise, but will not be doing fast days (I get too cranky!). Great job everyone!

  7. Well done everyone !! I’ll admit that I’m feeling quite disillusioned after Week 1. My scales at home tell me I’ve put on weight which I find very hard to believe but there you go … those magic numbers on the scale tell me I have 😦 Granted I need to do more exercise but the food side of things was much better last week, 2 fast days & no major blow outs on the other 5 plus 4 out of 7 alcohol free days. Oh well, today is fast day 1 of week 2 so I’ll see how this week travels.
    I really need to find out about these Fitbits I think. I have started parking the car at the bottom of the hill instead of right outside the school gates which is making me walk up the hill to drop off & collect the children each day and I’m off to PT tomorrow so that’s sure to be an hour of torture. My new swimming goggles also arrived today so I’m ready for swimming on Friday again, but have to admit the motivation is sadly lacking.
    So on that note, I’m off to go & find that happy face, stick it on & get outside & do some exercise, no more excuses 🙂

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