I was Out Of ProPORTION


I woke up this morning feeling fantastic – and not hungry. I realize now that my portion sizes in past were huge, and eating whatever you want whenever you want doesn’t always make you feel good. I know that this sounds obvious to most people- but when you’re caught in a spiral of overeating I think you really don’t notice what you’re doing to yourself.

Steps: Better than yesterday but still not at the gym, like I said, this week is a shit show with end of year stuff. I think I nearly made it to 5,000 (half as much as I should be doing). Next week I’ll be back out there.

Water: I am so much better at drinking water if I’m home or at work. I was on the move all day yesterday and had to continually remind myself to drink more water. Maybe I should write it on my hand?

Skinny Face Moment: I said no to the cake, no to the donuts and no to the gin and tonic.

Fat Face Moment: None. Yesterday was fast day and I stuck to it. I had a little cup of popcorn at the class party and a carrot stick.  Dinner was a tiny amount of stir fry, no rice. I think I probably went over the 500 cals but it was a tiny portion and I felt fabulous when I went to bed last night.


How’s everyone else going?



10 thoughts on “I was Out Of ProPORTION

  1. set an alarm on your mobile phone to remind you to drink water (and to eat small protein snack morning and afternoon tea time )

  2. Steps: 16114. I took an extra walk to pick up a sick kid, and instead of picking up his older brother at the same time, I went back for him at regular pick-up time an hour later… what I will do for that extra 3000 steps!

    Water: I carry a water bottle with me, but then the problem becomes finding clean bathrooms. ARGH.

    Fat face: I ate chocolate last night. Four squares of it.

    Skinny face: instead of getting a burger and fries after my swimming, I came home and ate my salad and chicken breast. It was actually a pretty nice meal!

  3. Didn’t get many steps in yesterday as was tied up driving to/from an appointment an hour away. Ditto today, but I’m planning on a long walk with the dog late afternoon. Water wasn’t as good as usual either. Like you, if I’m home I remember, but if I’m out and about… I seem to be able to do Skinny Face most of the day, but a late evening snack can be my downfall. Focusing on more water in the evening and avoiding the kitchen at all costs.

    1. The best thing about this is that shows us what our habits are. I’ve somehow managed to stop the late night snack (I used to polish off a packet of prosecution and a glass of wine or chocolates in front of the telly). I now either have nothing or just a handful of almonds.

  4. It’s true that nice you get a grip on yourself, it is so easy. I had a great day yesterday, very tiny lunch and healthy breakfast and supper, same again today, but alcohol is still creeping in in the evenings though I threw a glass of red wine away when I realised it was in my hand! I have just cling filmed the left overs of a cake, without even ‘tidying up’ the crumbs.

    Can you get slimline tonic in Doha?

    Feeling better and jeans are doing up more easily. Exercise is a big issue for me – I do like to swim though and there is a lovely pool downstairs, but it’s outside and the gale is blowing pretty hard again today in west bay.

    Busy week which helps too. Brunch booked for Friday though so I am determined to keep to the rules till then. And again afterwards.

    1. Someone else was asking about Slimline Tonic today at lunch. I will investigate. I buy our tonic at QDC so I’ll ask there. I think we need a post on low cal alcohol beverages.

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