Today’s Revelation is Alcohol


Today’s revelation is alcohol. It’s not the amount I’m drinking it’s the effect it has on me with food. The same girl who was congratulating herself on the way out to drinks last night about choosing a light snack instead of bowl of green chicken curry was found on the couch at midnight in front of an episode of Offspring (love it) and a bowl of curry. Amazing what a few beers, a mojito and a vodka tonic with friends can do.

There has been a change though. A mental switch has flicked. I find myself searching for the grilled prawn salad rather than the curry with rice or the burger and fries. There is less food on my plate, I don’t like to feel stuffed. There’s definitely a change.

Steps: 5,000

Water: Not enough, it came in the form of beer and vodka tonics

Fat Face Moment: The couch, the curry and me.

Skinny Face Moment: Everything before the alcohol was consumed.

Today is a new day. We’re home tonight, I’ve had an skinny omelet for breakfast and only ate half. Every day is a new day when it comes to Fat Face Skinny Face. This is all about learning why we make the choices we do. We’re here to support each other and tell each to keep going. KEEP GOING! I’m going to be 10 kilos lighter by the end of August. I just know I am. Come and join me.


3 thoughts on “Today’s Revelation is Alcohol

  1. Yesterday I had a fat day, I was 600 calories over and felt gross. Which translated to today when I hit snooze instead of working out (putting me on the back foot and making my choc milk at lunch, not to mention the 300 calorie muffin I didn’t need, put me over on my calorie limit).
    Now it’s 11pm and I feel gross- I’ve stopped logging- I don’t need an app to tell me that I’m bulging because I’ve eaten too much. Went to a party and ate more than was necessary of snacks- realistically I didn’t need tea as well- or at least, just a small fries would have been better than a whole maccas meal!
    Now that I log what I eat, I don’t tend to eat after I’ve reached my limit- which means that I don’t late night snack/go to bed bloated, I feel heaps better in the morning. =)
    However, when I do overate, I feel it more that when I wasn’t paying attention.

    -sigh- Tomorrow is a new day! It can only get better..
    Tomorrow, I’ll aim for a skinny day.

  2. So true Kirsty. A glass or two of wine and the old taste buds start salivating, the little voice in your head says ‘how about a nice taste of X’, and the devil on your shoulder spurs you on. Been there, done that, have the waistline to prove it. When you monitor the alcohol, you not only save the empty calories in the drink, you save the additional ones that seemed like a good idea at the time.

  3. I definitely do better without the alcohol, but I recently discovered gin and tonics with grapefruit juice. ARGH.

    Steps: Yesterday I only got 7346 steps. I’m hoping to average 12000 every week, because weekends are usually not that great.

    Water: pretty awful. And I was so ridiculously thirsty last night that it woke me up!

    Fat face: a few slices of cheese when I wasn’t hungry at all.

    Skinny face: skipped the potato salad and bread at the barbeque dinner we went to last night, and drank diet coke instead of regular. No business drinking any coke at all, but there you have it.

    I finally read the Fast Diet book, so tomorrow will be my first fast day. I just need to learn to say no again – I NEVER say no anymore. It shows.

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