In Transit


Just a quicky today. I’m about to start packing and we have had the usual last minute dramas to allow the addition of “to do’s” to the list.

The bath has cracked which would be fine if it wasn’t also the location of our daily showers and is located above  the dining room table. Drip. Drip. Drip. And Henry Hotdog dropped my ipad on the floor yesterday so I am in search of a new screen today (while packing for a 3 month winter trip to Oz).

I’ll come back and check in on Wednesday. In the meantime I’ll be in between here and there.

The fitbit is packed. The sneakers are out. The tracky dacks are ready. This holiday I am breaking the mold – I’m returning lighter not heavier.

See you soon. xxx


4 thoughts on “In Transit

  1. Have a great trip! Good luck with all the cracked things. 🙂
    We just got back to the UK two days ago (from Brazil) and a change in location definitely makes it easier (for me) to make changes in how I eat. Stocked up the fridge with all healthy stuff, and no chocolate! Hubby is disappointed, lol.

  2. Bon Voyage! I bought a fitbit yesterday, trying to work out how to use it (bit of a techno-cretin). I too, am off on a 2 month summer break to Scotland & aim to come back at least a stone lighter so hopefully my housekeeper won’t look at me with undisguised horror & say ‘woah, you’re fat!’ As the previous one did!

  3. Hope you had a lovely trip. Yesterday was supposed to be my first fast day and I blew it! I came back from swimming and I was so hungry I could have eaten the whole fridge. I ate my kids’ leftover chicken strips (for 500 calories) and an entire round of brie. Oh boy. At least I stuck to the 300 cal dinner I had planned.

    Steps: 11703, plus 30 minutes of swimming.
    Water: 6 cups
    Fat face: that ridiculous lunch.
    Skinny face: dinner was 300 calories – chicken and steamed broccoli seasoned with lots of fresh ginger and very tiny bit of soy sauce.

  4. I’m back! I had exams last week which resulted in the usual bout of extreme mental fatigue for a couple of days after.

    So in summary for the past week…

    Exercise: I’ve continued my jogging with Sol (my 8yo) and yesterday I cracked 2km non-stop. I’m SO SLOW but I don’t care 🙂

    Fat Face: Post-exam celebrations have seen me stuffing my face a bit too regularly.

    Skinny Face: I’m chuffed that I’ve managed to do regular exercise … but seriously need to get portion sizes and snacks under control!

    Screen time: I stupidly investigated Candy Crush. Don’t even go there. Must … stop … crushing … candies !!!! I think I need to restrict myself to one session a day.

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