Day 1.


After the last few days I almost feel like it’s Day 1. There were things that needed to be done on arrival. Things like eating crumpets and visiting the bakery. But today we’re back to normal.

I’m putting the fitbit back in my pocket and hitting the beach for big walk. The vegetable soup is on the stove and even though we’ll be heading back to the bakery I won’t be partaking.

Today is Day 1. Green tea, loads of water, walks on the beach. I’ll be back to report in tomorrow.

How are you going?


2 thoughts on “Day 1.

  1. Ah, good to see you’ve made it back to S.A. safely, and have partaken of bakery goodness! Also good to see you’ve got the fitbit on – I pop mine on my bra (and now the secret is out on the world wide web) every single morning. Enjoy the walks, the soup and suchlike!

  2. Fat Face moment(S) for today: my calorie intake is at 2000 (I’ve been justifying it by saying that the contestants of The Biggest Loser have a 2000 calorie day each week….). I have a choc milk at lunch, didn’t need that, and a cruiser with tea (Don’t drink your calories!!). Oh, and the slice of Mississippi Mud cake with Ice cream for dessert. Aaannd, getting home and thinking ‘oh well, I’m over now” and eating some chips and a chocolate bar.

    Skinny Face moment: I had planned out my low cal, filling meals knowing I would be going out for tea. I also only got a child’s size portion with a chicken kiev (possibly belongs in the Fat Face moment?) with veggies.

    Exercise: None, have strained my achilles and am terrified I will make it worse and really do myself a grievous!

    So far this week, my calories have all been great, but looking at the pattern over a month, I blow out badly on Fri and Sat, which blows out my overall weekly intake (which is more of an issue than day to day eating).
    I really need to get my head in the right place, I have found a complete program, nutrition and exercise that appeals to me.. I’m struggling to get my family on board, it would be easier to just have to prepare one meal and buy one lot of groceries, but if I want to commit, then I need to suck it up and do it without them…
    *sigh* Feeling down about it all now- sugar crash I suppose..

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