Before I Make Any Grand Statements


Hello there!

I know, it’s been too long. Way too long. 

I’ve been wanting to come back here for awhile but I just wanted to make sure I was serious about getting back into the losing weight thing before I made any grand statements. And I am serious, 4 kilos of serious – that’s how much I’ve lost in the past three weeks. Not super fast, but nice and steady.

How about you? Are you still keen to do this? Do you want to join in again. Shall we make a commitment to give this thing a go until June? That’s what I was thinking. Ten kilos gone by June.

So, the fitbit is back out, I’ve just purchased a brand new water bottle that is MINE MINE MINE and not to be shared, I’ve started kickboxing and joined swimming classes. The weight is slowly coming off and although my jeans are still tight I can see little tiny changes here and there. Come and join me.

Let’s do this!



8 thoughts on “Before I Make Any Grand Statements

  1. Oh my gosh I have been checking this blog almost daily just in case my feed didn’t work. I started again a few weeks ago too, and while I don’t know how well I’m doing (scale is somewhere on the ocean between Egypt and Peru) I feel better. I almost sent you a stalkerish email to ask whether you would restart but that seemed a bit much! So glad you are back.

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