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I dropped the second little traveller off at her party yesterday morning and was greeted by a really lovely mother holding a box of donuts. Has anyone else noticed that the minute you start watching what you eat you seem to be surrounded by feeders. How do you say no when someone has made a special trip? I stayed for a green tea, half a donut and a plate of fruit and then didn’t feel all that hungry until dinner time? I’m not half as hungry as I used to be now that I’ve started this 5:2 thing.

There were drinks last night with a group of women, nothing too huge but of course the minute I hit my second G & T I started admiring the bowl of chips in front of me. I stayed away from the sandwiches and stuck with the carrots, cucumber and tablespoon of hummus.

Today is fast day again and I can say hand on heart that I’m looking forward to it.

Steps: Better than yesterday but nowhere near where it needs to be.

Water: Good during the day, but not so good once the gin made an appearance.

Fat Face Moment: A handful of chips that were screaming out my name.

Skinny Face Moment: Cutting that donut in half and staying away from the naughty things on the table.

Online: There was no time for online yesterday and today is looking the same. Class parties, school assemblies and last minute goodbye stuff is the theme this week.

How are you going? How do you say no to feeders?