Don’t Leave Home Without It.

I forgot to put my fitbit on. I have one of the clip on ones, that look like this:


it’s currently sitting next to my bed.

G has one of the bracelet ones – and it’s causing me fitbit envy.Image

So I’m guessing I’m in the 6,000 step range, not enough, but it is the weekend. Part of my exercise was walking from one end of the mall to the other looking for a dress for a “Gala” dinner on Wednesday night. And if that experience wasn’t enough to encourage me to lose weight I’m not sure what would be. I got stuck, in a dress, in the change room. Awful.

Steps: Maybe 6,000? I’m about to go for a little walk around the compound now.

Water: I drank 4 huge glasses in a row when I woke up which I find really helps with not wanting too much for breakfast.

Fat Face Moment: There hasn’t been one yet.

Skinny Face Moment: G bought chocolate when we stopped for a coffee, I declined, declined!

How about you? How are you going?


Before I Make Any Grand Statements


Hello there!

I know, it’s been too long. Way too long. 

I’ve been wanting to come back here for awhile but I just wanted to make sure I was serious about getting back into the losing weight thing before I made any grand statements. And I am serious, 4 kilos of serious – that’s how much I’ve lost in the past three weeks. Not super fast, but nice and steady.

How about you? Are you still keen to do this? Do you want to join in again. Shall we make a commitment to give this thing a go until June? That’s what I was thinking. Ten kilos gone by June.

So, the fitbit is back out, I’ve just purchased a brand new water bottle that is MINE MINE MINE and not to be shared, I’ve started kickboxing and joined swimming classes. The weight is slowly coming off and although my jeans are still tight I can see little tiny changes here and there. Come and join me.

Let’s do this!


Day 1.


After the last few days I almost feel like it’s Day 1. There were things that needed to be done on arrival. Things like eating crumpets and visiting the bakery. But today we’re back to normal.

I’m putting the fitbit back in my pocket and hitting the beach for big walk. The vegetable soup is on the stove and even though we’ll be heading back to the bakery I won’t be partaking.

Today is Day 1. Green tea, loads of water, walks on the beach. I’ll be back to report in tomorrow.

How are you going?

In Transit


Just a quicky today. I’m about to start packing and we have had the usual last minute dramas to allow the addition of “to do’s” to the list.

The bath has cracked which would be fine if it wasn’t also the location of our daily showers and is located above  the dining room table. Drip. Drip. Drip. And Henry Hotdog dropped my ipad on the floor yesterday so I am in search of a new screen today (while packing for a 3 month winter trip to Oz).

I’ll come back and check in on Wednesday. In the meantime I’ll be in between here and there.

The fitbit is packed. The sneakers are out. The tracky dacks are ready. This holiday I am breaking the mold – I’m returning lighter not heavier.

See you soon. xxx

Today’s Revelation is Alcohol


Today’s revelation is alcohol. It’s not the amount I’m drinking it’s the effect it has on me with food. The same girl who was congratulating herself on the way out to drinks last night about choosing a light snack instead of bowl of green chicken curry was found on the couch at midnight in front of an episode of Offspring (love it) and a bowl of curry. Amazing what a few beers, a mojito and a vodka tonic with friends can do.

There has been a change though. A mental switch has flicked. I find myself searching for the grilled prawn salad rather than the curry with rice or the burger and fries. There is less food on my plate, I don’t like to feel stuffed. There’s definitely a change.

Steps: 5,000

Water: Not enough, it came in the form of beer and vodka tonics

Fat Face Moment: The couch, the curry and me.

Skinny Face Moment: Everything before the alcohol was consumed.

Today is a new day. We’re home tonight, I’ve had an skinny omelet for breakfast and only ate half. Every day is a new day when it comes to Fat Face Skinny Face. This is all about learning why we make the choices we do. We’re here to support each other and tell each to keep going. KEEP GOING! I’m going to be 10 kilos lighter by the end of August. I just know I am. Come and join me.

I was Out Of ProPORTION


I woke up this morning feeling fantastic – and not hungry. I realize now that my portion sizes in past were huge, and eating whatever you want whenever you want doesn’t always make you feel good. I know that this sounds obvious to most people- but when you’re caught in a spiral of overeating I think you really don’t notice what you’re doing to yourself.

Steps: Better than yesterday but still not at the gym, like I said, this week is a shit show with end of year stuff. I think I nearly made it to 5,000 (half as much as I should be doing). Next week I’ll be back out there.

Water: I am so much better at drinking water if I’m home or at work. I was on the move all day yesterday and had to continually remind myself to drink more water. Maybe I should write it on my hand?

Skinny Face Moment: I said no to the cake, no to the donuts and no to the gin and tonic.

Fat Face Moment: None. Yesterday was fast day and I stuck to it. I had a little cup of popcorn at the class party and a carrot stick.  Dinner was a tiny amount of stir fry, no rice. I think I probably went over the 500 cals but it was a tiny portion and I felt fabulous when I went to bed last night.


How’s everyone else going?



I dropped the second little traveller off at her party yesterday morning and was greeted by a really lovely mother holding a box of donuts. Has anyone else noticed that the minute you start watching what you eat you seem to be surrounded by feeders. How do you say no when someone has made a special trip? I stayed for a green tea, half a donut and a plate of fruit and then didn’t feel all that hungry until dinner time? I’m not half as hungry as I used to be now that I’ve started this 5:2 thing.

There were drinks last night with a group of women, nothing too huge but of course the minute I hit my second G & T I started admiring the bowl of chips in front of me. I stayed away from the sandwiches and stuck with the carrots, cucumber and tablespoon of hummus.

Today is fast day again and I can say hand on heart that I’m looking forward to it.

Steps: Better than yesterday but nowhere near where it needs to be.

Water: Good during the day, but not so good once the gin made an appearance.

Fat Face Moment: A handful of chips that were screaming out my name.

Skinny Face Moment: Cutting that donut in half and staying away from the naughty things on the table.

Online: There was no time for online yesterday and today is looking the same. Class parties, school assemblies and last minute goodbye stuff is the theme this week.

How are you going? How do you say no to feeders?

The Important Half


I’ve lost one and a half kilos!  That half is very important.

A good day yesterday. The fast day was so much easier than last week and I really got through the day without thinking about it much at all. Lots of green tea, sugar free gum and  oodles of water. Dinner was a small piece of salmon with vegetables.

I’m giving up on the gym this week. I have so much to do in this week that I’m hoping the extra steps will help, but with the extra assemblies, class parties, last minute catch ups and final goodbyes I have bugger all time at the moment. Next week we’ll be back in Oz on holidays and there will be daily walks on the beach. I promise.

Steps: Are you ready? 2,000. I’m not even going to bother trying to make an excuse.

Water: Excellent. At least 10 big cups.

Fat Face Moment: I didn’t have one. Apart from the not walking, but the food side was brilliant.

Skinny Face Moment: I gave up half of my salmon to G and the kids, and I didn’t partake in the the potato.

Time Spent Online: I allotted  myself an hour late in the day, but when the kids began watching Madagascar last night I found myself scrolling through my iPad. I was reading though!

How are you guys? It’s been a week now.

Let’s Have A Drink About It


The weekend started with a bang. An impromptu dinner had me feasting on a delicious Indonesian meal. I probably wasn’t toooooo bad, until the dessert came, then I was really bad. But it was the wine, so much wine.

Friday was a familiar tale.  In search of comfort that was found in the form of a steak sandwich, I could have chosen a salad and next time I will. The sandwich made me feel heavy and I didn’t enjoy it nor did I finish it.  Dinner was nibbles at a friend’s party, the food was fab and I don’t think I overdid it – but this time it was champagne. It was a great party. I became somewhat confused, believing I was fifteen years younger and without children. I hit the pool table and confused myself with some-one who can actually play. There was giggles at the bar and the most hysterical conversation that was sooo naughty I was immediately told “don’t you dare put that on your blog.” That was just before someone said “lets have a tequila slammer”.  This morning I remembered why old ladies with four children shouldn’t  drink slammers.

Alcohol. Alcohol makes you hungry, and for me it really affects what I eat the day after. This weekend was unusual so I’m not going to beat myself up about it, but I’ve realized if I’m going to drink I need to have food ready the next day. Good food – not stodge.

Steps: I haven’t had the fitbit on this weekend and I haven’t been to the gym. I’ll be back there tomorrow.

Water: I’ve drank a lot of water both today and yesterday but I find it harder on the weekends to remind myself.

Fat Face Moment: Dessert at the restaurant on Thursday night. I didn’t need it, and I ate it all. Just. Say.No.

Skinny Face Moment: I’ve had many but they all feel irrelevant after the blowout with the boozy weekend. However, I didn’t load up on rice on Thursday night. I didn’t hoover the sweets at the party on Friday. It could have been worse right?

Time spent Online: Not too bad! I’ve read some of my book. And when I found myself sitting on the Ipad with a child a few metres away on the couch I changed the situation. I sat and read three chapters of his book to him while we snuggled on the couch together.

How are you going? Is it harder for you on the weekends?

One Of Those Days


It was one of those days. The fourth little traveller and I waited in the medical clinic for two hours. I had a ticket in my hand waiting with a number, we were waiting to be called. We had twenty one people before us – and then people just started randomly walking in to see the doctor. They didn’t bother getting  a ticket, they just pushed through. There was nothing we could do. When we finally got in to see the doctor she said we had to come back on Sunday. I took a deep breath and left.

I forgot to take my fitbit to the gym.

I tried a dress on to go out and stood in the mirror and sighed. I got changed three times and still wasn’t happy.

It was one of those days.

Steps: I’ll take a random guess that it was about 9K. It was a busy morning and I went to the gym for an hour and was out last night, so I may have even made it to 10K

Water: 10 big glasses

Fat Face Moment: I had a bite of a donut. It was free, it was hot off the conveyor belt, and it was offered to me so many times that I couldn’t say no. It was just a bite though, so maybe that’s just as much a skinny face moment?

Skinny Face Moment: I drove last night, solely so I wouldn’t drink. I was offered so much yummy food. When we got home I had a cup of green tea instead of joining G for a glass of wine.

Time Online: The phone now travels in the glove box when I’m in the car. This way I don’t check it at the traffic lights – now I just spent 5 minutes parked in my driveway when I arrive home!

How are you going?